Analysis of Self-Generated disinfectant, including the machine, versus purchasing.
ADAM 30 depreciated over 3 years £5435.00
Annual service visist over 3 years £ 900.00
Installation commissioning & demonstration £ 400.00
PC sum to allow for spare parts £ 200.00
Electricity 100 L daily @ 10p x 1095 £ 110.00
Estimated salt consumption £ 55.00
Total £7,100.00


3 years = 1095 days. Daily cost of ADAM 30
£ 16.50
Divided by 100 Litres= cost per litre £ 0.06
Divided by 286 Litres= cost per litre £ 0.02

Anolyte Dispenser And Maker - A.D.A.M

Operators can now produce their own very low cost universal disinfectant in house, with this unique and easy to use system. The New Norm Hypochlorous Acid Anolyte disinfectant generator, transforms salt water brine into HOCL disinfectant .

It was developed for volume users of disinfectant to slash operating costs and increase disinfecting procedures, by simply making their own.
This compact system creates a powerful disinfectant which is 100% compatible with human anatomy, safe to use in food environments, odourless, bio-degradable, non-toxic, low energy, non-combustible and safe to handle.

There are no special services required, simply a conventional 15 mm cold water supply, a single 13-amp socket, a standing waste drain and conventional air exchange ventilation.

The generator work station features hinged side work tables for bottle filling. The system is ideally located in a mop down area such as a janitorial store, utility section of a commercial kitchen, bar cellar or commercial laundry.

Adjust strength to suit application.
  • Mild, 50 ppm skin, fabrics and soft furnishings
  • Regular, 100 ppm General purpose surfaces, rooms and fogging
  • Strong, 150 ppm instruments and equipment.
ADAM attains optimum efficacy of circa 6 PH acidity and 850 ORP, Oxidation reduction potential. The disinfectant generated is optimised for the best possible elimination of bacteria and virus
Automatically cuts off the flow when filling any size bottle or container is full.
Supervision during filling is not required.

Reaches bulk containers or trolleys

Pure water provides purest disinfectant results.

Easy cleaning and maneuverability.

  • Dimensions: 770 x 700 x 1638mm high
  • Weight: 75 kgs

Our unique PEP of Sodium bicarbonate additive to balance pH.
Naturally occurring, soluble strong alkali, non-toxic substance in white powder form used to reduce acidity / balance pH and increase efficacy of the HOCL.

Integrated worktops for bottle filling and can be corner sited if required.

The system is supplied complete with its own water filters, Reverse Osmosis water purification device, all integral pipework, water filling tap, valves and containers for the liquids.

The system is delivered fully assembled on castors to be wheeled into position and connected.

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On-site Production of Anolyte HOCL

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