Optizan 750ml Spray


The New Norm ProMist Anolyte Hypochlorous Acid disinfectant liquid.

This powerful and safe disinfectant is supplied in a carton containing four, 5 litre containers.( See our other sales for less expensive 20 litre container and also the Anolyte Generator to make your own in house )
This is a liquid disinfectant, non-toxic and degradable, capable of destroying bacteria, spores, viruses, molds, yeasts, fungi, biofilms (biological incrustations) on pipes and removing odors.
The main benefits include low costs, the versatility of use, proven effectiveness and the absence of problems that we can find in the traditional treatments such as chlorination and UV radiation. This disinfectant has been successfully applied for disinfection of sewage, industrial water (food industries), swimming pools, farms, agriculture and the removal of pollutants from industrial, urban wastewater and other numerous applications. As presented in several scientific publications, multicellular organisms, including humans and hot blood mammals, to defend themselves against pathogens and foreign microorganisms are able to synthesize, through metabolism, complex mixtures of metastable oxidizing compounds.
These compounds possess a wide spectrum of action and are capable of damaging all major systemic groups of pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, micobacteria, viruses, molds, spores, etc.) without damaging multicellular organisms and human tissues. The oxidizing liquids and their chemical production mechanisms are similar to those generated in this ECA system and are precisely these common characteristics that give Anolyte a high bio compatibility with human tissues and multicellular organisms besides not being toxic to the environment.

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Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 166 × 223 × 300 cm
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3 pack x 750ml Spray, 12 pack x 750ml Spray

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