800ml Electric Nano Atomiser


New Norm Solutions disinfectant making and fogging atomising dispenser gun. 480 ml capacity

Model:  – DATPWJ011a

This version produces its own disinfectant by the addition of salt and water in the feed bottle and generating this into a form HOCL disinfectant.

Electrostatic so the nano particles are attracted to surfaces on the reverse side of exposed surfaces providing all round disinfecting coverage. Adjustable spray size rotary dial.


480 M Litres


Rechargeable battery. 12.6 v. 15 watts, 12 v.


900 g

Approx 8-9 weeks from date of order


All disinfectant fogging units must be flushed with cold water for 5 minutes after use.

Failure to do so can cause component failure.


Cordless fogging atomising dispenser gun

Additional information

Weight 1.08 kg
Dimensions 290 × 86 × 256 cm
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