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Helping fulfil requirements and responsibilities for safe working practices.

About New Norm Solutions

The company was created a decade ago to support parent group activities by providing technical services for commercial appliances.

The challenges of 2020 -21 offered the opportunity to redirect our skills and resources toward the creation of solutions to combat the threat of Covid-19 and the demand for effective disinfecting procedures, with New Norm Solutions Ltd redefining itself to serve this purpose effectively.

Our aspiration is to take the best disinfecting appliances yet developed and form them into a cohesive range of approved solutions to help in the global mission to control bacteria and virus.

We do not just sell appliances; we offer equipment packages which are designed in tandem with user needs. New Norm supply disinfectant and also the dispensing appliances. Smaller users can purchase disinfectant in containers of 5 and 20 Litre whilst larger users can also purchase the equipment system to make their own on site.

The high cost of disinfectant can deter well intended operators from funding and deploying sanitising systems, but the solution to this is Anolyte Disinfectant or HOCl Anolyte Disinfectant, as it is also referred to, a self-generated,in house, low-cost disinfectant. (All the user needs to provide is water, a supply of salt and electricity)

Anolyte Disinfectant or HOCl Electrolysed Water is dispersed and the catalyst for its increasing usage is the development of the system which atomises the disinfectant used to create a sanitising mist or fog. The fog is produced in ​mobile fogging machines where the liquid form is atomised so the particles rest on surfaces and circulate in the air, eliminating pathogens & Virus.
It can also be used as a universal disinfectant for hand sanitising and surface cleaning.

New Norm have harnessed the equipment effectiveness and designed compact systems which can be located in Care Homes, Clinics, Supermarkets, Schools, Hotels, Offices, Gymnasiums, Shopping malls, Institutions and indeed any operation which can benefit from this virtually free disinfectant resource.

New Norm hygiene solutions are offered to help make the environment a safer place and aid employers, operators and retailers to fulfil their obligations and responsibility for safe working practices.

These systems are designed for minimal disruption to daily routines but also provide comfort that due diligence has been exercised in making the workplace or facility a safer place for valued workers and customers.

A message from the Managing Director

HOCl, or Hypochlorous Acid to give it it’s full name, is no new invention (or mankind’s for that matter) it is “a modern approach to disinfection, but it is as old as the evolution of vertebrates” – The immune system of vertebrates “naturally” produces hypochlorous acid (HOCl) to fight against bacteria and pathogens

We create it within our own bodies, in our white blood cells – It’s nature’s defence against invading virus and pathogens.

HOCl however has not been widely utilised due to our past inability to create a stable version ourselves (ie one that had a shelf life long enough to effectively make, distribute, sell and use). However recent advances in technology have meant that now we can!

New Norm Solutions are proud to present A.D.A.M, our brand new, state of the art, in-house HOCl generator.

The Electrochemical technology in A.D.A.M mirrors nature’s defence system, allowing the synthesis of HOCl solutions through the electrolysis of water enriched in salts, at the level of a few grams per litre. The system allows for the careful control of the pH of produced solutions, with consequent optimization of their activity.

And A.D.A.M now allows users to generate their own disinfectant for as little as 1p per litre and at different strengths, depending upon the desired application.

A.D.A.M produced HOCl does have a stable shelf life of 30-60 days, however, as production is now available so cheaply, you simply make more when you need or want it.

Disinfect anything, everything, as much or as little as you like.

A.D.A.M’s HOCl is 99.9% effective against virus, bacteria, pathogens & spores, with a pH value of between 6 – 6.5 and an ORP value of around 850 (consistent output), meaning that this efficacy is achieved within seconds of contact.

HOCl can now replace many of the harmful / toxic disinfectant, cleaning  products that we all so blindly use throughout our establishments.

We’re all keen to tackle climate change; the use of single use plastics; our airborne pollutants … Let’s now get rid of the nasty chemicals we’re so readily spraying all over our homes and workplaces.

We now have a fast acting, green, bio-degradable, sustainable alternative to use and the cost is not prohibitive either!

As a trained nature wildlife guide and game ranger, I am an unashamed advocate of HOCl and I am delighted to present A.D.A.M to our clients and to help them achieve a far safer, greener place for us all to live and work.

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