On-Site Production Of Environmental Disinfectant from £0.02 per litre
Living With COVID
A modern approach to disinfection, as old as the evolution of vertebrates
Anolyte disinfectant - Electrolysed Water (HOCl)

Ultra low cost, safe to use and sustainable.

Non toxic, non combustable and totally bio-degradable, Anolyte HOCL is ideal for use in almost any public area. It has been identified by the US Environmental Protection Agency as a disinfectant effective against COVID-19 and backed by clinical studies. HOCl is multipurpose and can replaces a large variety of harmful cleaners and disinfectants commonly used throughout a facility.

  • Fast acting

  • safe to use

  • non-alcoholic

  • biodegradable

  • non corrosive

  • pH neutral

  • non flammable

  • non scented

  • ultra low cost

  • sustainable

HOCL Generator
Anolyte disinfectant - Electrolysed Water (HOCl)

On-Site Production of Environmental Disinfectant

The ADAM Disinfectant Generator enables a broad spectrum of businesses to produce their own ultra low cost universal disinfectant. The ADAM Generator comes with 12 months on-site parts and labour warranty. Each system is supplied complete with water filters, reverse Osmosis water purification device, all integral pipework, automatic shut-off dispense nozzle, valves and containers for the liquids.

A sustainable solution to disinfectant

How IT Works

Wondering how Anolyte Electrolysed Water uses electricity to change the chemical composition of Salt, Water & Bicarbonate of Soda into a multipurpose cleaner that’s just as effective as bleach without the harmful chemicals?

HSE Coronavirus (COVID-19) – manufacture and supply of surface disinfectants – Product type 2 active substances. CAS Number 7782-50-5

Our Production units, Disinfectants and Electrostatic Vapour Equipment

Buy our disinfectants and Electrostatic Vapour Equipment to meet your high volume sanitising needs for the tourist, entertainments, sporting, commercial, medical and industrial marketplaces. Available across the UK and Ireland, Europe and the Middle East.

Typical Uses of Anolyte HOCL

“Rooms sanitised with Anolyte HOCl have significantly lower bacterial counts than rooms that underwent standard cleaning and disinfection.”

Surface Application

“Anolyte HOCl specifically used for hand sanitizers is effective against bacteria & viruses at 100- to 200-ppm strength.”

Hand Santising

“Used as a mouth rinse in Dentistry, HOCl significantly reduces bacteria on toothbrushes and is effective as a mouthwash.”

Mouth Rinse

“HOCl has been shown to be an effective agent in reducing wound bacterial counts in open wounds”

Wound Care

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